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Gostilna Janežič Gostilna Janežič Gostilna Janežič Gostilna Janežič Gostilna Janežič


Janežič restaurant with a 80-year tradition and managed by the third generation is in the village of Pšata by the stream with the same name, approximately 10 kilometres from Ljubljana towards Domžale. Recently it has been thoroughly renovated so that the guests feel well in the beautiful surroundings with completely new accommodations.

It is a typical home restaurant with top-level culinary art, beautifully presented by nice waiters. Everyone likes good and tasteful dish.

We organize business lunches, dinners, wedding parties and various other celebrations.


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Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday: closed

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
12 am to 10 pm

Sunday: 12 am to 6 pm

Pension: every day, 24 hours


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- Floor 2
- Apartments

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